RAC’s “Back of The Car” ft. Nate Henricks is Pizza Lovers Living on Peskatarian Diet

Pizza Lovers live in the backseat while surviving on fish diet.


Photo: YouTube RAC “Back of The Car” ft. Nate Henricks

While the rest of the world aims for a Tumblr-quality romance for music videos, RAC has decided to take on a creative edible trajectory in his new video “Back of The Car” ft. Nate Henricks. We see a multi-racial lesbian couple that gorge on peperoni pizza, lock themselves in the car, and live in the backseat for five years surviving in what seems like on a peskatarian diet. Starring Slutever’s creator Karley Sciortino, “Back of The Car” is a caricature twist on our obsession for commitment and snippets of pizza-porn (surprisingly we don’t see product placements…pizza chain marketing team, you had one job. One. Job.) that make us laugh/hungry at the same time.

André Anjos is the Portuguese-American artist behind RAC or Remix Artist Collective. He’s popular for “Cheap Sunglasses” ft. Mathew Koma and “Let Go” ft Kele & MNDR. While RAC hasn’t announced any plans for releasing an album, he has been airing new music in the past few weeks and expressed interest in song-sculpting a new track that he would share once a month.

RAC Twitter

Photo: RAC Twitter. Keep manufacturing those new aupiums. Love, everyone.

RAC, you un-shitty our lives with your music. Don’t stop and we’ll buy you pizza.

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