Seoul’s “Real June” is a Dr Seuss-esque Adult Story

Montreal trio shows how human version of Thing 1 and 2 would live in corporate/mall-dominated world.

Seoul Real June

Photo: Youtube Seoul “Real June.” Casual dance at the mall

Seoul takes a quirky raincheck from the dramatic introspection of their previous works in their new music video, “Real June.” The video has an overall Dr. Seuss plotline feel where it seem to chronicle the human versions of Thing 1 and 2 dancing in the mall, biking under the rain, hopping around a field, and taking refuge in gas stations. What this duo is doing is an enigma – maybe they are having fun, maybe they are rebelling against the system, or maybe they just hate Costco. Interpret it as you want it, but we are rooting for the third possibility.

Unlike other hushy wavy songs from the Montreal trio’s latest LP, I Become A Shade, “Real June” gravitates towards a more clear-voiced track, shifting between oohs and aahs in its choruses. The throbbing sparkly jabs provide a sonic detour from their chillwave elan, showing to the world that they can hype up their audio aura. And yes, the three of them can sing – the shushed vocals were just part of their mystery-look PR campaign. Seoul is recently on tour so go see them.