Leather Lessons Larregui LCould Lend Lenny #alliterationwin

It´s better to dance like a crab in leather than fling your junk to the world.

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Photo: Youtube Zoé – Cámara Lenta (Live 8.11.14)

We’re not big fans of #freethepenis because our eyes have suffered enough from seeing penis graffiti in bathroom stalls. So back in August 3rd, when Lenny Kravitz’ ball-choking leather ripped in front of the entire Stockholm youth, we just eye-rolled it out of our radar. Let Pitchfork and Noisey thinkpiece the shit out of his District 12, Aupium needs to sleep.

That is, up until today.

Mexican alternative rock band, Zoé, recently uploaded a live performance in Foro del Sol back in August 11, 2014 and to our surprise, the frontman León Larregui danced in leather pants. But don’t get upset (or do) cus he keeps it together and as bizarre as his dance may be, it works with leather.

Now we finally get why that lanky güey has always been motioning his arms in octopus-like fashion while moving sidewards as if he was a crab. Dudes and dudettes, he’s not concealing his inflexibility but watching out for his balls. He may be a C- dancer who only flails his arms, but he doesn’t fling his junk. ¡Aplauso para Larregui!

Zoé is hitting LA on November 19 and Oakland on November 20, perhaps Lenny wants to get some leather lessons from Larregui. But seeing Lenny’s latest career move towards furniture design, he probably wants to sit tight on that sheepskin pillow shit that resembles his head for a while.

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