The Radio Dept.’s Newest Track “The Repeated Sodomy” Won’t Be in the Next Album

But it’s here for the world to enjoy!

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Photo: The Radio Dept. Soundcloud

But the good news is that they are working on a new album after being in hiatus for the past few years. And from the fluttering percussions that generate a playful aerated buzz in “The Repeated Sodomy,” we can feel another twee pop dose à-la-Cocteau-Twins coming up to our ears from their next LP. While the band confirmed that this newly released single won’t be in their album, they did not keep it to themselves. Seems like their way of tapping us and reminding us of their existence. Oh well, it’s free music.

Originally from Lund, Sweden, The Radio Dept propelled us into a pop dreamscape back in 2003 with Lesser Matters. The trio’s songsmithing style comprises of hushed vocals floating on synth lather that you would hear during star-gazing or existential-showers. Since they are not too keen with social media, don’t expect to see pics of their lunch or mustache.


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