Reyno’s “No Olvidé” is Spanish Version of Dishwalla/3 Doors Down

It’s like Dishwalla and Three Doors Down mated in Mexico City to produce Reyno.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.33.04 PM

Photo: Reyno Facebook. Man bun + Jesus hair alert

The Mexico City alternative rock duo, Reyno, recently uploaded the lyric video for “No Olvidé” (“I Didn’t Forget”) and we cannot stop remembering those Dishwalla/Three Doors Down heyday when velvety alternative rock used to be our life-introspection music in the backseat.

We were thinking about deep existential shit like how to get out of Buttfuck Town or how long we had to endure those ball-asphyxiating skinny jeans. Reyno semi-take us back to those times with their glimmering guitars and smoothly unpolished vocals in a trainview framed video, “No Olvidé.” Yes, we also haven’t forgotten that era where emo and alternative genres symbiotically existed by avoiding any crossover. If you want that old-fashioned suave alternative, listen to Reyno cus they don’t hover around genres or pump up their style with EDM-esque elements.