Add Sexy Zebras’ “Búfalo Blanco” to Your List of Animal Name Band Kingdom

Zebras are as cool as monkeys, elephants, and gorillaz.

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Photo: Sexy Zebras Instagram

Call it coincidence or serendipity, but Sexy Zebras are rocking the Spanish indie sphere with Arctic-Monkeys-Cage-the-Elephant pizzazz. Perhaps naming your band with a cool animal name endows it with indisputable advantages to enter the rockdom without facing the threats of extinction. But make sure it’s hip or else you’ll tumble over banda (Los tigres del norte). The Madrid indie trio is comprised of Gabriel Montes, José Luna, and Samuel Torío who founded the group back in 2005. Sexy Zebras started out with bunch of record label restrictions, but decided to break away by creating their own record label to freestyle their music. Their third album, “Hola nosotros somos los putos Sexy Zebras” (“Hi, we are the fucking Sexy Zebras”) seems to further reaffirm their evolving identity as musicians. Using “puto” (Spanish curse/slang) seems to embrace the endearing context from their fans as well as the insulting context from their haters. Their latest video “Búfalo Blanco” shows the trio covered in white paint taking screen turns with snapshots of white buffalo. Rather than using an overly processed style, they rely on thudding drums and guitars to maintain the sonic rawness. The band has admitted that they wanted their songs to mirror how they would sound if the trio played in a dark room alone – which is absolutely normal because that’s how great songs and threesomes are done.

Their latest album came out in March of this year and they are mostly known for concerting in Spain + Mexico. We would absolutely like to see them live in other cities as well.

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