At One Point, Shakira Paid Larregui for His Resting Bitch Face

It’s #tbt on Wednesday and we wanna throwback a resting bitchface!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.47.05 AM

Photo: Youtube Shakira “Se quiere, se mata.” Old lady performing some ancient ritual behind Larregui’s bitchface.

At some point during a specific time/space, your favorite artist held a random job. A lot of them are backed up by solid photo evidence, while some are supported with kind-of-credible stories. One of our favorite ones is León Larregui’s modeling gig before Zoé skyrocketed to fame. He featured in Shakira’s “Se Quiere, Se Mata” (“One Wants, One Kills”) back in 1996. And thanks to Youtube-fossilization, it is a permanent throwback treasure for future generations to inherit. Hit play below:

Every success is accompanied by that bizarre bridge phase where working as the UPS delivery dude or McDonald’s cashier helped pay your band’s debut album copies. Unless you have a natural resting bitch face, in which case you can feature as a hormonal teen with an old lady behind you doing some voodoo shit in Shakira’s video. Then you can just bitchface for pay.

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