Modern Chilean Folk Crafter, Gepe, Sounds High With Simplicity in “TKM”

Folk yourselves in the Chilean way with Gepe

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.01.46 PM

Photo: Gepe Instagram. Those neck blood vessels look like they’re bout to pop out

We lost hope for folk music when Juanes performed alongside Cedric Gervais an electropop collaboration that sounded like their careers died. But thanks to the Chilean singer, Gepe, we have regained some positivity towards folk music.

Gepe’s “TKM” music video shows the suave-looking artist serenading to bunch of different women whom all seem to adore him despite the fact that he’s playing a miniature guitar. Maybe it’s the leather jacket. Sonically, it relies on traditional fluttering guitars and drum taps that line up behind his clement, pinpointing voice. It is a lightweight, tongue-in-cheek track that is mindlessly enjoyable for its simplicity.

Gepe’s latest album, Estilo Libre, was released back in August of this year. You can stream the entire album below: