The Ultimate Tour Van for Your Hipster Band

Best tour van in the entire road.

Driving through the Pacific Coast, our eyes encountered an eccentric van that was gracefully styled with a reverse body.


Photo: One of the very few things that we actually own :’) Not the van, the photo

A drunk or stoned bro could not have designed this objet d’art. Sure, he would’ve gone as far as flipping it, but installing tires on the bottom? Oh, come on. No…it was a hipster. A musician, specifically. A dude who looks backwards (like literally) when it comes to vehicle upgrade. Like Neo-Luddites, he knows the toxicity of new technology and wants to show other artists that you don’t need to switch cars every four or five years. There’s a sophisticated-er way to tour around.

Just flip it.

Listen all those aspiring hipster bands: if you want to live up to the ideals of starving artists, don’t jet or uber out to show up for gigs. Drive your ass into that hipstermobile.

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