Complicated Animals Brings You Brazilian-American Genre, Indie Nova

Let’s get sophisticated-er with Indie Nova!

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Photo: Complicated Animals Facebook

In the world of cuisine, when anything “American” fuses with another culture, it tastes like shit. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, and the failure goes on. But not in music, well…kinda.

Remember the suave chants of Mônica da Silva buoying us to a nirvanic elegance with “Aí Então” during every coffee shop visit we made in 2011? We kept asking “que passou Monica?” after she disappeared following her sophomore album, Brasilissima. Turns out she and music partner, Chad Alger, decided to change their artistic name to Complicated Animals – which does more justice to Chad, we admit. Their newest EP, In This Game, came out February of this year and it captures the debonair momentum of Indie Nova – their self-coined genre arising from a mix of American indie pop and Brazilian Bossa Nova.

The duo is currently touring North America, so go see them with a shot of espresso.


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