Have a Vaporwavebang w/ Skylar Spence and His Album, Prom King

Have a vaporwavesome with Skylar Spence and Prom King.

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Photo: Skylar Spence Instagram. For more slightly happy meh-face, check him out @skylar__spence

Electropop indierated, Skylar Spence, released Prom King yesterday and it is available on Spotify for us to overdose. If you are a fan of Chromeo, have a listen. And if you are not, still do because despite running on a disco ball-rolling tune, the album has a sui generis introspective slinky vibe to it:

American vaporwave artist Skylar Spence debuted his first album Hit Vibes in May 2013 under the name Saint Pepsi. He changed the name to Skylar Spence to avoid all the corporate copyright shenanigans and Prom King is the first album that he released with the new, smoother moniker. SS aired “Can’t You See” music video back in June:

The starbursting percussions glisten with an easy-to-follow chorus “I’m in love with my own reflection,” playing with our narcissistic romantic notion that opposites suck – those of similar ilk complement each other better. Now, we are not couple counselors or relationship coaches, but we do think “Can’t You See” makes a groove-inducing leadoff to Prom King.

Skylar Spence is on tour now. He’s hitting different states before hopping to Mexico City on November. Go see him cus the tickets are cheap!

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