Hot Chip “Started Right” Reminds Us of a Kpop Momentum

Similar enough for nostalgia, but not to sue!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.39.57 PM

Photo: Youtube. Oh those Before Psy Kpop days…

For Kpop artists, there’s an expiration date – which sucks, considering how most of them spend arduous years of training and plastic surgery. Hence it’s important to live up your heyday before weeding out of the music industry and placing yourself in a talk show host gig. Sometimes, some of the new music nowadays reminds us of those figuratively dead kpop artists who once charted #1. Like Hot Chip’s “Started Right” reminding us of Koyote’s “Moon Night.”

Sonically, they don’t sound similar enough for Koyote to rise from their grave and sue Hot Chip à-la-Robin-Thicke fashion, but the thumping rhythm is just about right to revive the late 90s-mid2000s trio. Koyote was an electropop band whose female singer anchored their entire popularity for her piercingly smooth voice. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pull a Beyonce in a sea of same-faced girl groups. But let’s applaud for Shinjee for her voice and being one of the main pioneers of electropop in the kpop industry.

For horrible hairstyles, baggy pants, and great k-electropop, listen to Koyote’s popular hit “Paran” (“Blue”)