Rey Pila’s “What A Nice Surprise” Title Says It All

Aside from free food, this is another kind of surprise we like.

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Photo: Rey Pila Instagram. Dude with dark sneakers, you had one whitesneakers job. One. Job.

By serendipity we stumbled upon Rey Pila’s “What A Nice Surprise” and they couldn’t have come up with a more perfect title that nailed the melody. Be ready to dance like robot or crablike Larregui fashion or hipster-nod because we are doing all of the above:

Rey Pila is originally from Mexico City and gained much acclaim for their self-titled album in 2009. Their sophomore album, The Future Sugar, was recently released and it is a sweet addiction into our playlist. “What A Nice Surprise” has a pinch of classic alternative rock to it that gives rawness to the densely synth-layered track. Even during the melodic dissonant choruses, the chaotic percussions collide euphoniously with each other – a rare sonic achievement. While the vocals seem to drift in and out, it matches the whole undulating ambient that makes it all the more complementary to the zigzaggy buzz of the song.

Rey Pila have a few tour dates coming up:

9/26 – The Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA)

9/30 – Sunshine Theater (Albuquerque, NM)

10/1 – Tricky Falls (El Paso, TX)

Overindulge The Future Sugar below: