Fierce Alert: Kylie Minogue’s “Your Body”

Full-on fierce mode.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.39.37 PM

Photo: Kylie Minogue Instagram. Are we the only ones who think that she looks like Joffrey’s mom + Lindsay Lohan – craziness?

Black elastics, fishnets, and leather wrap around both Kylie’s butt and her male dancers in “Your Body.” While initially it reminded us of Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” we realized that “Your Body” also focused on her butt aesthetics as well. A round of applause for Kylie in keeping all the boring hetero dudes and vagitarian population in mind while filming this video. Btw, if you want to skip the Italian into, just go to 0:39. It was all mysterious and coolshit the first time, but we eye-rollingly skipped it as we kept hitting replay.

The Australian dance-pop diva recently released her new EP collaboration with American producer Fernando Garibay, Kylie + Garibay, on September 11.