Floatchill to She’s a Tease’s “Ven a Soñar”

An airy chill vibe is what She’s a Tease is about.

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Photo: She’s a Tease Instagram. The dude with the Pantene hair will be appearing on the next Grudge – La doña del pozo

She’s a Tease, the bilingual songsmithers from Monterrey, Mexico, is inviting us to floatchill with them in their newest music video, “Ven a Soñar” (“Come to Dream”) where we see different people’s lives in a mysterious motel. The consistent drum taps and midtempo percussion riffs keep the melodic ambience in the air as the raspy chorus repeatedly invites us to dream with them. It is the type of track that you can dance to or use it as your naptime lullaby.

The quartet released their first album, Millonaria (Millionaire), back in 2010. While we haven’t heard of any news regarding an upcoming album, “Ven a Soñar” is so far their most current work and make all of us to chill…in the air.

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