Mexican Garage Punk + Neon Trees = Thermo

It’s a blasting formula.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.24.34 PM

Photo: With those serious expressions, they look like they’re waiting at DMV. Btw, the one with Jesus hair, isn’t member of the group. He’s a guest player.

The Mexico-based quintet, Thermo, aired their latest single “La Verdad No Basta” (“Truth is Not Enough”) on September 24 and it has a similar Neon Trees playful vigor, but sharpened with garage influence and punk rock edginess. The thrusting percussions and unprocessed vocals of the frontman, Ivan, are gently vigorous enough to keep you awake from the weekend hungover.

Thermo hit the punk rock spotlight of Mexico with their 2005 album, Arde en Mí (Burns Within Me) and have been fabricating punk rock music with a pinch of garage or alternative flavor ever since. If you ever feel dosing on a less pop version of Neon Trees, Thermo’s your answer. To stalk them on FB, make sure to search for ThermoBandMX, cus they are almost like cyber ninjas.