Reyno’s “Fórmula” Yields Dependency on Their Album Dualidad

The duo cracked the secret formula for us to get hooked.

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Photo: Reyno Instagram

By “Fórmula” we mean oozing guitar running into our system with the voices of Christian Jean and Pablo Cantú (fuck, even their names are smooth) easing us into an unperturbed audioscape of romance – “Hay muchas cosas en el mundo, pero nada como tú” (“There are a lot of things in the world, but nothing like you”). We admit – it’s so gooey cheesy, but the nailing voice of Jean hook us into the track and indulge in it like we’ve been re-injected with teenage hormones. Remember those emo days of staring at the window while listening to the deepshit song that actually succeeded in distracting you from your ball-chocking skinny jeans? We are reliving it with Reyno!

Reyno’s album, Dualidad, came out few days ago and YOU should buy it so:

  1. THEY have enough money to tour abroad
  2. So WE can see them live.

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