Zoé Flipagrammed El Columpio Asesino’s Remix of “Panoramas”

Imagine flipping through the cell phone pics of all the band members.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.51.34 AM

Photo: Zoé – Panoramas (El Columpio Asesino Remix) Youtube. Ese Larreguuuiiiiiiii

It’s still PG-13, as in you almost feel like roaming through the pics of that rad dude in your circle of FB friends who seems to lead a cooler life – where the fuck does he get all that money to travel? Trust fund? Drugs? Whoring?

We felt like sitting through a 5-minute Flipagram (app to make video of your pics) post of the band, tour life, fan butts, and half-bitten foods. Honestly, watching it once was enough to get a glimpse of their fab road life while we sat in McDonald’s, trying to get a hold of WiFi.

But El Columpio Asesino Remix of “Panoramas” is replay-worthy like the other remixes of Zoé. El Columpio Asesino’s hybridized version pushes the band’s melody to another gamut of pitter-patter synthfest that ebbs the slightly mono-draggy tune of the original.

Zoé’s on tour. The Spanish rock quintet from Spain, El Columpio Asesino, hit the spotlight with their fourth album Diamantes (Diamonds) back in 2011. They are presently touring Mexico and Spain.