TBT: Let’s Jump to “Otra Era” with Javiera Mena

Throwback another era with “Otra Era”

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Photo: JavieraMena.com. We can learn some color-blocking lessons from her

It’s Thursday and we want to throwback another era with electropop Chilean singer Javiera Mena. Her video “Otra Era” (“Another Era”) seemed like the most appropriate (even though technically it came out last year) for us to rewind to another era. What were you doing in October 2014? Javiera Mena was getting hair-blown with hip sunglasses and chanting while blurrily #freethenipple in a black & white dimension:

Javiera Mena acquired worldwide attention with her second album, Mena, back in 2010 and released her latest fourth album Otra era last year. While the track does not share any similarities with Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, it reminded us of a better version of “E.T.” for the themes of exoticism and amusement that we often feel towards another individual. No offense to Kat, we just rather travel back another time than jump out of space.

Mena has a few shows coming up in Chile. She is known for finding the perfect balance between mid-tempo and dance-prompting.

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