Darius Airlifted Jungle’s “Time”

We found French house in the jungle!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 5.22.35 PM

Photo: Darius Facebook. When he’s not FrenchHousing originals, he is posing in noir

Jungle’s “Time” makes us want to approach with precaution the ornate choreographed ambiance they built with their multi-voiced deliberate thumps – the song sounds like a careful setup and you can’t freely be flouncing around to it. But the French DJ, Darius, delivered a Eurodisco punch to “Time” by peppering it with synth splashes and house-y mojo, making it more spontaneity-welcoming. Darius cannily placed the fingersnapping momentum in the opening to tap us teasingly before conjuring the dance-along atmosphere.


The French house master has a few tours in Asia coming up! While the seven-member neo Soul group, Jungle, seems to be in a tour hiatus – but keep updated on their moves because they’ve received raving reviews for their live performances.

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Photo: Jungle Facebook. Zebraaaaa