Porter Snatches Us into a Cult World in “Rincón Yucateco”

Turns out, there are monsters in the woods.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.12.19 PM

Photo: Porter Facebook. Porter without Robinson are caped 5 dude.

We delve into a mystifying cult wearing white capes and giant monster masks in the woods with the experimental five rockers from Guadalajara, Porter, in their latest necromantic music video “Rincón Yucateco” (“Yucateco Corner”). The eerie multi-voiced vocals in the varying-tempo weigh us down to a slightly chilly ambience where the sliding percussions place us in the middle of an occult ritual. And it’s not scientology – people’s faces may get blurred, but nobody’s cutting a check.

Porter’s avant-garde sound elevated them into Mexico’s indie spotlight since 2007. If you thought “Rincón Yucateco” was an oddball, they are known to songsmith euphoniously kooky pieces. You can see the eccentric style resonating in their newest album, Moctezuma, which was released back in August 2014. Porter’s currently on tour in Mexico.

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