Vaiko Eplik Made Us Some Homemade Estonian Music

Homemade = No MSG (Messy Song Garbage)

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.26.34 AM

Photo: Vaiko Eplik Facebook. When he’s not composing, he is working as major-domo.

Sometimes, we want to consume the most natural made-from-scratch aupium just to get a break from heavily processed and deliberately metered stuff. That’s how we bumped into Estonian songwriter and producer, Vaiko Eplik, who has his own independent record label so he doesn’t have to deal with corporate-bullshit. His latest craft (that he probably pulled it out of his sweatpants at home) “Kaerahelbed/Oat Flakes” has a classic indie touch to it, backdropped with heavy guitars and xylophone teases that transmit a lightness equivalent to Complicated Animals’ Indie Nova.

Eplik gained wide recognition in Estonia for his deliberate songsculpting and we are glad he uploaded his homemade music on Soundcloud. To stalk him on Facebook, click here.