Asbjørn Shared 8 Pseudo Visions in Case You Missed One

Because real visions are not enough to get you confused.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.40.11 AM

Photo: Asbjørn Instagram. You’re seeing a pseudo-Instagram pic right there.

Danish pop artist, Asbjørn, decided to take a yearlong artistic odyssey by taking an untraditional trajectory with his music presentation. Instead of baiting us with a few singles and dumping an album to our face, he decided to gradually share his project Pseudo Visions – which is a series of eight different music videos – over the course of a year. Each song vocalizes earthbound themes into metaphorical episodes that seem to be in the cusp of reality and dream.

Asbjørn recently signed up with Berliner record label, Sinnbus, which will be releasing his Pseudo Visions project as an album in Europe on November 6th. He is currently touring Germany.