Guadalupe Plata Brings Surreal Blues Season to Spain

Trust their music, they have horns.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.12.10 AM

Photo: Guadalupe Plata Facebook

We keep bouncing between garage scene and WTF rock in Spain. This time we landed in the blues territory with Guadalupe Plata – a evil trio who just debuted their self-titled LP back in March. The whole LP has a sharp crudeness to it, with the frontman Pedro de Dios’ (Peter of God…wth?) vocals clawing out of the gliding layers of guitar and mounting beats that make it altogether chaotically digestible. It could just as be acceptable as labeling it the sonic midpoint of garage and rock. The blues aura has a surreal piquancy to it – their music video for “Calle 24” embodies this dafuq-iness:

If you thought “Calle 24” was batshit cray video, trust us, it can get dafuqier with these three: they baptize all of their EP and LPs with the same name, Guadalupe Plata. We don’t really know if this is an evil genius creative move or pure lazyassing, just make sure you know the years of each one. They are currently touring Mexico and Spain.