Kasbo’s Umbrella Club EP is Bringing Electromorphosis

The electro scene needs change and Kasbo’s a firing catalysis.

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Photo: Kasbo Instagram. Cool cloud shirt

You can’t really telescope Kasbo’s work into fist-pumping dance or smoking chill categories easily since he tends to hop across genres – R&B, indie, hip hop, or pop – with an infusion of synths, resulting in a bricolage of influences. The 19-year-old Swedish sonic-sculptor, Carl Garsbo or Kasbo, debuted his first EP Umbrella Club yesterday. Stream the entire beauty below:

Every track pulses in its own cadence: “Not Over” swirls in a dace-along tempo emitting a blend of hip pop. “I Don’t Get” transmits a piano-built tension with the fade-in-and-out tune that throbs with the echoes of the chorus. In the synthbreedized “Fuck Love,” the indie R&B undulates from densely digitalized washes to muted fingersnaps. Navigating through Umbrella Club affirms one fact: Kasbo’s can’t be boxed into EDM artist. The tracks that might fit the stereotypical electronic dance the most would be “The Tension” and “There’s Something About U” but even so you can pick out external genre ingredients. Kasbo is leaping from the electro plateau to other sonicscapes, allowing facets from both sides to interact and metamorphose into novel melody.

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Photo: Kasbo Facebook

He is currently touring with Odesza in North America and all the tickets are sold out, so GOOD LUCK seeing him live. And if you have tix, you’re a step ahead the game.


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