Aquilo’s “Good Girl” Teaches How to #YOLO Before #YoVows

The how-to guide for your pre-nun days.

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Photo: Aquilo Instagram

Since Ida won 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Film – it’s about Jewish woman yoloing before becoming a nun – we’ve been indoctrinated to believe in a romantic/sleazy past that nuns might have. But then we forgot because, you know, it’s about nuns. Until Aquilo premiered their music video for “Good Girl” where a soon-to-be nun gal goes through a temporary YOLO makeover before delving into the convent life forever #ohno. The girl in the video reminded us of the nun version of Kristen Stewart:

The UK electro psyche-pop duo, Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher, may have hooked your ears with “Calling Me” or “You There.” Aquilo’s latest EP, Calling Me, came out in June of this year. Their sharp lilting oohs and croons yielding fractured high-notes that echo chilly sentiments engender a digitalized tranquilizer that slides you in an inchoate dreamsphere. You might be hitting the REM stage or hormonal rollercoaster from all the crestfallen vocals of Aquilo, but it’s okay – their tickets are circa $10 #peasantbudgetforever

Aquilo’s tour dates:

Oct 9 – Popscene @ Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA)

Oct 10 – The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

Oct 14 – Good Room (New York, NY)

Oct 15 – Pianos (New York, NY). This one’s FREE.

Oct 16 – Brooklyn Bowl (Brooklyn, NY)

Oct 31 – Hackney (London, UK)

Nov 1 – Green Door Store (Brighton, UK)

Nov 3 – Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh, UK)

Nov 4 – Headrow House (Leeds, UK)

Nov 5 – Shipping Forecast (Liverpool, UK)

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