We’ve Reached “Lowlife” w/ That Poppy – The Caucasian Human Anime

Apparently, the highlight of a human anime’s lowlife is not lengthy lashes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.25.08 PM

Photo: That Poppy Instagram. Classic Asian photo pose w/ stars in the background.

For those of you who wondered how the Caucasian human version of an anime would look like, we have an answer: That Poppy. We thought she was a mannequin…a 15-year-old mannequin made in Japan. But turns out she is just a googly-eyed dudette from Nashville who keeps a bubblegum innocent persona with a tinge of darkness that reminds you of a colorful anime character. They may look all glammed up from the outside, but they emit that bizarre not-so-naïve connotative aura.

“Lowlife” looks like a bunch of Humberts paired up to direct a music video with Lolita who has Barbie-like lashes. We are apathetically WTF-ed about it, but the J-pop influence in That Poppy’s music and aesthetics is a cultural integration that is the highlight of the video for us. No tour dates have been announced yet.