TBT: Kitschpop Masters, Vive la Fête, revisits 2013 w/ “Porque Te Vas”

It’s not fetus, it’s fête.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.13.44 PM

Photo: Vive la Fête Facebook. Toe-covering socks are overrated.

Before wrapping September, Belgium kitschpop crafters Vive la Fête shared their Spanish track “Porque Te Vas” (“Why Are You Leaving”) and we decided to throw it back as a toast for their remaining Latin America tour. The duo, comprised of Els Pynoo and Danny Mommens, is known for their knack for mounting new wave with a pop baseline. They have Blondie’s sonic verve framed with Shiny Toy Guns’ edginess, balancing out the retro and modern electropop. Often times, their songs have a punch of punk to it – it is kitschpop, but a tasteful one.

Vive la Fetus Fête (“Long Live the Party”) shared their last music video, Touché Pas, back in May and it’s a crash documentary of who they are minus the annoying narrative plus the Eurodiscoballer track.

Remaining South American tour:

Oct 23 – BLONDIE (Santiago, Chile)

Oct 24 – Studio Emma (Sao Paulo, Brazil)