Your Gay Thoughts Are w/ Us “Among the Lull”

Your Gay Thoughts that were conceived in Panama City.

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Photo: Your Gay Thoughts Facebook

How the Slovenian quintet Your Gay Thoughts formed sounds almost like a mystical fairy tale straight out of Once Upon a High Time. They met in Panama City during their quest to see a local shaman and ended up becoming a band by serendipity. On their Facebook page, their mission consists of achieving “inter-sex eroticomusical fixations through a music that invites listeners to come back to the dream.” #genderbending #dreambending We definitely think they dosed on something more than just aupium because their track “Among the Lull” is in an elegant cosmic dimension of funk, sensual synths, and psyche mingling with each other as the jumping xylophone leaves a lingering mischievous aftertaste. The multi-voiced vocals places us in an in a street-style ensemble that seems ambiguously organized, but at the same time freestyle:

“Among the Lull” is part of their album The Watercolors which will be out on January 2016. Your Gay Thoughts are currently invading European thoughts:

10/30 – KC Grad (Belgrade, Serbia)

11/6 – Riiba (Izola, Slovenia)

11/13 – Toldi (Budapest, Turkey)