Disco Ruido Sonically Reincarnated Zoé’s “Game Over Shanghai”

Sometimes the originals JUST didn’t get it right.

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Photo: Disco Ruido Facebook. Cool shirt bro.

Every time Disco Ruido remixes a track, they always manage to uplift it with their tirelessly monotone synthesizers – same applies to Zoé’s “Game Over Shanghai.” Many artists like RAC and Poolside have done their fair reworks of Zoé’s last album Programatón and Disco Ruido decided to join the bandwagon by selecting one of the most meh tracks and converting it to a dance-reflex trigger for our fall rooftop parties.

Honestly, part of the reason why we like this version better is that other than Larregui’s sporadic chants “¿Por qué no vamos a Shanghai?” the track does not resonate the original at all. It has the Disco Ruido touch to it – the electro-patterned rhythm that is, oddly enough, intriguingly repetitive and can metamorphose any dull song to an ear-massage.

See them live:

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Photo: Disco Ruido Facebook and YES, we were too lazy to write down the dates