Rising Icelandic Pop Artist, Alda, Shared “Heim” & Wears Purple Lipstick

Lourdes’ edgy style with Taylor Swift’s sonic.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.03.15 PM

Photo: aldamusic.net. She can sing and pull off the purple lipstick.

Remember Tay before she started topping Billboard charts with à-la-Max-Martin songs? And we don’t merely mean country songs, but very girly pop songs that had some country rawness to it. We see that simple seminal pop on the rising singer and Ísland Got Talent’s 2015 winner, Alda, who does not heftily dose on synths and brain-gluing beats like most songs these days. The Icelandic singer shared her single, “Heim” (“Home”), a month ago and it rolls on a naïve guitar-centered rhythm that restricts its electronic intake enough for us to distinguish the instruments – often times, over-digitalizing tends to blur such distinctions.

Alda’s working on a new album and is climbing through the charts of Iceland. Our purple-lipstick gal has an edgy rocker style that Lorde exhibits.