School of Seven Bells “Open Your Eyes” Will Take You Out of Hibernation

Best alarm to wake up and fall in love again.

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Photo: School of Seven Bells Facebook. Rad duo.

We’ve all been there – winter strikes and we get sucked into the 3S’s: sweatpants, sweater, and sleep. We become lazier, uglier, and our music taste plummets by chanting the earsick Xmas songs that cafes and commercials overplay. No wonder why we lose hope during this dark season. You just need that one comfort song that will assure you will fall in love again…this is just a phase, people will eventually lose those sweatpants imprisoning those pheromones. But until then, keep that hope alive with School of Seven Bells’ “Open Your Eyes.”

School of Seven Bells has its own love story of companionship, romance, and art. Formed in 2007 by Oklahoma-born Benjamin Curtis and Bolivian/Costa Rican twins, Alejandra and Claudia de la Deheza, School of Seven Bells started as an alternative Brooklyn trio who would craft sui generis dreamsphere of floating synths encapsulated by the solacing vocals of the three. It became a duo after Claudia left and now it’s a solo after Curtis passed away from cancer in 2013. Seven Bells’ upcoming album, SVIIB, will be available on December 2 and is the product of long-term songsculpting that Alejandra and Benjamin constructed. “Open Your Eyes” emits a mystical sonic glow initially, where fade in-n-out beats invites us to the reverie with demure. Once the chorus drops and we let Alejandra’s voice pilot our auditory flight, we are suspended in starry-eyed thoughts of our own: winter hibernation won’t get at us. We’ll be awake to live in the moment. We’ll even go to the gym.

Shoutout to Alejandra for keeping the School of Seven Bells legacy – SVIIB will leave Benjamin’s creative imprint into our ears.

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