Exploring 80s Commercialized Emotions w/ Skylar Spence’s “Affairs”

80s: Booze was good. Sex could’ve been better. Hair was wrong…way fucking wrong.

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Photo: Skylar Spence – “Affairs” (official music video). Your mom after wearing the first disposable contact lenses…or finding out that she was pregnant (with you).

If you haven’t been feeling grateful enough for Xmas Jr. (aka Thanksgiving), Skylar Spence’s “Affairs” equips you with the gratitude-inducing supplements so the spoiled crown doesn’t land on your head in the impending family gathering. Aside from the vaporwave vibrato swirled together with propulsive electro guitar glossing with pop trimmings, the music video is a compilation of 80s beauty and liquor ads. If you want to see bunch of Asians and Caucasians wearing bulky shoulder-padded or baggy outfit with frizzy blowouts, “Affairs” gives you all and beyond. Watch it and replay it mentally in the dinner table to thank the universe that you weren’t born in that era to look ugly like all your older bossy relatives did.

Setting fashion aside, the music video does not transmit genuine emotions but rather a series of superficial towards-the-camera gazes that we feel for milliseconds when watching an ad. “Affairs” manages to stretch those milliseconds beyond four minutes by putting snippets of them in montage – the level of sentimental hyperbole from the 80s is still present in modern day. So whatever erroneous choices your older family disapproves, you’re just emulating them from the 80s. They started, you did nothing except to inherit.

Skylar Spence wrapped tour and we saw them.