Mashup Monday: Sia & Halsey³ – Breathe Me vs. Young God

Holy Young Godballs!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.57.12 AM

Photo: Sia & Halsey³ – Breathe Me vs Young God (mashup) YouTube

We’re passing the Monday mashup torch to self-described “mashup artist babe” Gingergreen for giving Halsey’s “Young God” the dramatic adornments found in Sia’s “Breathe Me.” By implanting Halsey’s vocals into Sia’s melodic territory, the mashup babe sped the tempo slightly, but precisely to the right bliss pace – consequently, he peeled off the draggy layer of Halsey’s “Young God” making it more replayable. This is a dark mashup with the right dose of pop-pumped beats.

The goldkick comes in the end when Gingergreen surprises us by wrapping it with “And California never felt like home to me” – admit it, it’s a Young Godballer moment whether you like any of the two artists. For more godballer mashups, follow and subscribe to Gingergreen.