We Hung Out w/ Jesse & Joy Who Never Age + Shared One More Kiss

They look exactly the same and still produce chest-swelling records.


Photo: Jesse & Joy at FYE record store. What’s inside that dude’s hat, we’ll never ever know.

We casually hung out with Mexico City’s pop duo, Jesse & Joy, in FYE record store in Fullerton (city in CA, uncooler than LA) this Tuesday night where the duo signed their newest records, Un Besito Más (One More Kiss), and took photos with fans. Other than the ever romantic glow that is glossed on their new album, we were dumbfounded to see how the two look exactly the same…they don’t age. We are guessing either it’s good genes (they’re siblings) or romantic music-farming. So all you youth fiends out there, instead of pouring a gazillionload of money on lifting and botox, make love songs cus that’s definitely easier (and attractive) than fighting Smiths in the Matrix while hanging out with homeless in real life.


Photo: Wonder Woman randomly made this pic…


Photo: Joy, the euphony-saturated vocals behind every love song you cried to…


Photo: Signing like pros.



Photo: We didn’t keep that guitar…fuck.


Photo: We can’t remember who Jesse was calling, but you don’t normally get that pose in record store signing sessions.

The store kept playing their latest amorous pop d’ art Un Besito Más, that radiated the heart-pumping beats enwrapped with emotional-hemorrhaging lyrics touching upon various aspects of love. Our favorite guilty cheesiness that we indulged was “Ecos de amor” (“Love echoes”) and “Que pena me da” (“What a shame”).

Since we shared our Tuesday hangout photos, maybe you can pay for our ticket tour???

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