We’re Taking Traditional Morris Dancing w/ Stealing Sheep’s “Apparition”

Only Stealing Sheep can pull off British folk with psychedelia.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.37.24 AM

Photo: Stealing Sheep Facebook. When they are not making rainbow-exploding album cover, they are color-blocking fashion.

This year we saw Carla Morrison and Hello Seahorse! bring back the aesthetics of artistic dancing in the Spanish music scene – Liverpool’s psychedelic trio, Stealing Sheep, did the same by incorporating Morris dance (traditional English folk dance) in their latest video “Apparition.” The trio, who also wears traditional clothing, cavorts along with other dancers in a touristy surreal town – at one point, we see a wolf in the background that slides by.

“Apparition” transmits a mysterious, mischievous vibe with “trouble” standing on the hitpoints of the track. In the moments where you hear the jingles and multi-voiced echoes glossing the main vocals, it gives you that someone-over-your-shoulder sentiment. It’s chilly, but playful. There is a disciplined wave of synth that pulses enough to be within earshot, but backs up before completely stepping in. “Apparition” is part of their funk album, Not Real, which has been out since April. Just like the chromatic abstract cover of Not Real, Stealing Sheep has a variegated melodic flair that radiates along with their fashion – more than enough reason to see them live if you live in Europe for the rest of 2015:

12/11 – Ancienne Belgique (Brussels, Belgium)

12/15 – Rock City (Nottingham, UK)

12/17 – Roundhouse (London, UK)

12/18 – The Institute (Birmingham, UK)

12/19 – Albert Hall (Manchester, UK)