Mashup Monday: Adele + Drake + Phone = “Hello Bling”

Your official phone anthem is here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.51.20 AM

Photo: Hello Bling – Hello and Hotline Bling Mashup YouTube

Is the art of phone-calling dead? Drake and Adele moaned for those non-texting romance days when you couldn’t emoji your way out of a relationship. “Let’s not see each other. Ever. :(” While Adele goes on a chest-crumpling, tear-drenching sonic journey with “Hello”, Drake takes a bizarre, rib-tickling dancefloor approach with “Hotline Bling.” So for those of you who need a balanced soundscape, Héctor Mangas (click to subscribe) made a mashup of those phone ballads – and it’s glorious:

Who knew Drake’s rap interludes could add madcap humor to an Adele ballad? Mangas made you go from 😦 to 🙂 which ended up to :S No te creas, ¡si nos hiciste sonreir!