Jacob Bellens is Ready to Filter Your Playlist w/ Polyester Skin

Embrace yourselves, Polyester Skin is coming.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.13.05 PM

Photo: Jacob Bellens Facebook

Danish pop musician Jacob Bellens dropped a kooky music video titled “Polyester Skin” back in November as the amuse-gueule for his upcoming album, Polyester Skin, which will be out on February 5th (start the countdown ya’ll!). In this documentary-resembling framed clip, we see two boxers and dancers exhibiting the art of sportsmanship in what seems like VHS-quality.

“Your heart is like a locomotive driving patiently into the night,” chants Bellens in teasingly toned rhythm that emits a youthful aura very similar to video games’ soundtrack. The lyrics are aligned on motion-packed metaphors where Bellens seems to be delving into a trance of loss and daydream. Bellens has built a solid sonic portfolio in Denmark as a solo artist and often collaborated with other known songcrafters including techno-master Kasper Bjørk. Polyester Skin also feature baller artists including Tomas Høffding (WhoMadeWho and Lydmore & Bon Homme) and Jakob Høyer (Trentemøller) to name a few. See him live and Snapchat it for us:

European 2016 Tour

3/9 – Engelsholm Slot (Bredsten, Denmark)

3/10 – Café Glocksee (Hannover, Germany)

3/11 – Die Wohngemeinschaft (Cologne, Germany)

3/12 – Botanique-Rotonde (Brussels, Belgium)

3/13 – Unknown venue (Mendig, Germany)

3/15 – Z-Bau (Nuremberg, Germany)

3/16 – Museumskeller Hsd (Erfurt, Germany)

3/17 – Atomino (Chemnitz, Germany)

3/18 – Lido (Berlin, Germany)

3/19 – Kukuun, Spielbudenplatz (Hamburg, Germany)

3/19 – Kukuun (Hamburg, Germany)

3/30 – Studenterhuset (Aalborg, Denmark)

3/31 – VoxHall (Aarhus, Denmark)

4/1 – Godset (Kolding, Denmark)

4/2 – Posten (Odense, Denmark)

4/8 – Stars (Vordingborg, Denmark)

4/9 – Store Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)

4/14 – Bygningen (Vejle, Denmark)

4/15 – Nygadehuset (Abenra, Denmark)

4/16 – Sønderborghus (Sønderborg, Denmark)

4/20 – Tobakken (Esbjerg, Denmark)

4/21 – Fermaten (Herning, Denmark)

4/22 – Kulisselageret (Horsens, Denmark)

4/23 – Paletten (Viborg, Denmark)