Lucas & The Woods Debuts Soulful Pop “No es Amor”

Genre & century bending Argentinian band.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.54.50 AM

Photo: Lucas & The Woods Facebook. The only dude named Lucas is the one with the awkward my-arm-is-sore pose.

Buenos Aires’ fresh synthpop quartet, Lucas & The Woods, knows how to produce music for both Spanish and non-Spanish listeners in their debut single “No es Amor” (“It’s Not Love”) released few days ago. By implanting 80s vibe in soul territory and pushing the pop-trimmed thumps at the forefront, “No es Amor” has a Years & Years dance-inducing vibrato but with a retro polish. Thus the orchestral mood is the engine of the track and the vocals are aesthetic embellishments that do no need much commitment from listeners. You can hum with it, overlook it, or pay attention, but the money notes are within the tune.

The Argentinian group doesn’t have any tour dates coming up yet. But expect to hear new beats from them this year.

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