Love of Lesbian’s “Bajo el Volcán” Brings Natural Disaster into Your Teenage Bedroom

What’s your spirit natural disaster?

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Photo: Love of Lesbian – Bajo el Volcán (Videoclip Oficial) YouTube

The Spanish alternative rockers, Love of Lesbian, is back with a new music video titled “Bajo el Volcán” (“Under the Volcano”) officially jettisoning from the hiatus they’ve been in since 2014. “Bajo el Volcán” has a cinematography du jour, pairing nostalgic tech props beside modern digital goodies, framing a girlhood/adolescence that both Millennials and Generation Z lads can sympathize.

This quartet have been songsmithing for 19 years and peaked number one in Spain’s rock scene with their album La noche eterna. Los días no vividos back in 2012. Love of Lesbian are not afraid to keep up with the vogue bandwagon when it comes to composing and depicting their music. But they haven’t lost their style of tailoring their ballads with serenely metered percussions that channel a hankering air – whether it is for someone, an era, event, feeling, whatever you want to insert. “Bajo el Volcán” is a teaser for their eighth album, El Poeta Halley, which will be coming out soon. No specific record release date yet so go see them live and ask them:

Latin America 2016 tour

4/7 – El Plaza Condesa (Mexico City, Mexico)

Europe 2016 tour

4/21-23 – Sala la Riviera (Madrid, Spain)

4/28-30 – Sala Razzmatazz (Barcelona, Spain)

5/6 – Festival SOS 4.8 (Murcia, Spain)

5/14 – Pazo Paco Paz (Ourense, Spain)

6/10 – Festival de les arts (Valencia, Spain)

7/6-9 – Weekend Beach (Torre del Mar, Málaga, Spain)

7/8-10 – Cruilla Barcelona Summer Festival (Barcelona, Spain)