Coldplay Releases Another Kaleidoscopic Video “Hymn For The Weekend”

But we’re not listening to it during the weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.50.48 PM

Photo: Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend (Official video) YouTube. The Exotic-Facial-Disc Jewelry – $8.99 only available in H&M’s Coachella 2016 line!

Coldplay wants you to overdose on crayons with their head-spinning, chromatic vision-inducing record A Head Full of Dreams hoping you’ll forget Ghost Stories shittiness by releasing a new music video for “Hymn For the Weekend” featuring Beyoncé wearing facial accessories (that will probably be included in H&M’s Coachella 2016 line). Hop into the Rainbowplosion that goes on by hitting play…once. Only once is enough:

After Coldplay came out of Ghost Stories PMS, they claimed that A Head Full of Dreams MIGHT be the last record – just like LCD Soundsystem said it was their final show back in 2011 (Coachella 2016, here we go!!!). So since it MIGHT be the final record, see them live cus we won’t.


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