Little Jesus Becomes the Street Amusement in Japan for “Mal”

Lost in awkfest.

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Photo: Little Jesus Instagram. To learn how to walk on water and perform miracles, follow @thelittlejesus

Mexico City alternative pioneers, Little Jesus, did a mini social experiment in the streets of Japan by reversing the amusement spotlight in the tourist-domestic scenario for their new music video “Mal” (“Bad”).  They pulled some oddball choreography and did #OccupyJapeneseIntersection in statuesque fashion, creating an uncomfortably enjoyable break in the mundane commutes. It is a two-sided spectacle of the zany behavior from the quintet and forceful blind eye that the masses exhibit, often klutzily, which gives a comic insight to both ends:

Melodically and cinematographically, “Mal” is a lifting jump from their last music video “Norte,” released in 2014. That video was awkward, but sleepy. “Mal” is just as bizarre, but has a punch of wittiness that any pedestrian can relate. The vocals are coated with a lacework of string arrangements and light squeaky effects, tallying with the dark humor of making bad decisions on purpose. “Malos pasos, ¿qué vas a hacer?” (“Bad steps, what are you going to do?”). Little Jesus can’t stop mocking the meh-mentality we have in making the wrong choices – even they can’t stop gravitating towards bad ideas like wearing head-to-toe white. They have one tour date so far:

Latin America 2016 tour

3/10-12 – Festival Estereo Picnic (Bogota, Colombia)


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