New Order’ “Tutti Frutti” Nails Stage Nostalgia w/ Melancholic Disco

Staging can get better with aging.

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Photo: New Order Facebook

English new wave band, New Order, does not believe in age expiration when it comes to performing onstage – they prove it to us with headlining fests and through their new video, “Tutti Frutti.” The slightly dark, yet deceivingly cheerful disco track is from their acclaimed 10th record, Music Complete, which came out back in September 2015. Many music connoisseurs gave their thumbs up for it – not that the band or their fans care anyways.

There’s a romantic optimism, “You always make me high / Whenever I feel low,” that doesn’t feel completely secure by the hopeless undertone in “We’re living in a state of grave / Where every scholar means a dollar.” Of course, if you are a band that rose from the ashes of Joy Division and have aged onstage together, then you’ve had a fair share of heartbreaks in the spotlight to know that it’s not a Colplay rainbowplosive world and for every pro, there’s a con. As “Tutti Frutti” depicts, youth aesthetics never come back, but one never loses its iconic flair and that’s what keeps the festival-sized checks coming in. They have one fest lineup:

Europe 2016 tour

6/16 – Sónar Festival (Barcelona, Spain)