Michael Calfan Knows “Nobody Does It Better” than Miniature Bonnie & Clyde

Soul house is the new Bonnie & Clyde theme song.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.32.54 PM

Photo: Michael Calfan Instagram. Hey CalFans, you can follow him @michaelcalfan

French DJ, Michael Calfan, is emotionalizing the dance scene with his knack to orchestrate soul house that keeps siphoning adrenaline streams into your brain. His new music video “Nobody Does It Better” is a tongue-in-cheek ballad that thumps almost in a cavorting motion, cajoling you into an insouciant mode. It follows a youngster version of Bonnie and Clyde who hop into a series of mischiefs including petty theft and carjacking. When we were kids, we were trying to separate the Play-Dohs that we accidentally blended (total lost cause) – not operating cars:

Calfan started producing music since he was 15 and has dropped several singles and remixes since then, his most notable one being “Breaking The Doors,” which he released last year. While he hasn’t expressed any plans for an EP or LP, he has plenty originals to play live:

Europe 2016 tour

2/6 – The View Club (Juan-Les-Pins, France)

2/7 – B-Side (Salerno, Italy)

2/13 – Scaccomatto (Predora, Italy)

2/19 – Electric Brixton (London, UK)

2/20 – Carré Blanc (Nimes, France)

2/22 – Mae West (Granada, Spain)

North America 2016 tour

2/27 – Wall (Miami, FL, USA)

3/3 – Exchange (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

3/4 – Harbour (Vancouver, Canada)

3/11 – Audio SF (San Francisco, CA, USA)

3/12 – Bang Bang (San Diego, CA, USA)

3/17 – WMC (Miami, FL, USA)

3/18 – Delano (Miami Beach, FL, USA)

3/23 – Flash (Washington, DC, USA)

3/24 – Mid (Chicago, IL, USA)

3/25 – Create (Los Angeles, CA, USA)