Meet Baltazar – the Architects of Cultwave

Three dudes in capes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.40.30 AM

Photo: Join the cape cult.

Once upon a time (like 2014), three cronies got together, put on some capes, and started songmithing digitalized cult-like music that sounded like chillwave mated with psychedelia in Medieval fashion. This mystique enigma persists around the trio, Baltazar, whose music video looks like a recruitment propaganda for their sect – join the dark side, we have tepees:

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Baltazar is a collaboration of Cesar Garduño (Sussie 4 keyboardist), Juan Pablo Corcuera (the tall dude from Technicolor Fabrics), Roberto Agredano, and Luis Eduardo López. The project’s inception traces back when Roberto and Luis decided to leave their mundane jobs to compose music in a small town, where they would often go to the cemetery to find inspiration – explaining the dark mystical basis of their work. Although they’ve given interviews, their social media lacks any info about their origins por webones, perpetuating the obscure milieu of their demeanor.

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Photo: Baltazar Facebook. Find them by searching “baltazar clan”

They’ve released two EPs so far, I and II (download free here), that have simple cover arts of torch and arrow. However, contrary to their dusky minimalist façade, their sound is an opaque flux of symphonic synthesizers with buoyant drumming accents embellished with metaphorical incantations from the three. Their works are ambitious anthems of their own genre – which we decided to describe as cultwave. See them live:

Latin America 2016 tour

3/12-13 – Festival Nrml (Mexico City, Mexico)

But if you have Medieval peasant budget, enjoy their latest upload: