León Larregui Explores Sci-Fi Love Onstage in “Locos”

They say stagediving kills. Whatever.

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Photo: León Larregui – Locos YouTube. The Larreguibot – order yours for a limited time. No warranties. Ships directly from China.

Going solo is the new artistic trend for 2016 – like Shiny Toy Guns’ front-gal Carah Faye, Zoé’s frontman León Larregui has embarked on his second solo flight by releasing his new music video “Locos” (“Crazies”) today. It has a 80s sci-fi air to it, with damsels in distress dressed in metallic outfits that are under the control of villainous Larreguibot who – like the rest of us – faces technical difficulties rooting back to cheap materials (hint: Made-In-China).

The fourth wall is the comical motor of the video, showing how the audience takes everything that unravels onstage as part of the entertainment that they paid for – in this cyber love, anything melodramatic occurs in the public eye. Not so different from the present. It is only in the denouement when the lovers stagedive to demolish the fourth wall and exit like a normal couple.

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Photo: León Larregui – Locos YouTube

“Locos” has the same echoing acoustic air that Larregui’s first solo record, Solstis (2012), contained. Compared to other Zoé’s works, “Locos” has a far mellow cadence and is not as variegated, relying on simple consistent tune that makes it a simple sound-comforter. No tour dates yet, so if you wanna see more of his resting bitchface, click here.

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