Dua Lipa Take Us On A “Last Dance”

Viral “Be The One” singer is back w/ “Last Dance”

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Photo: Dua Lipa – Last Dance (Official Audio) YouTube

Ever since getting hooked with Dua Lipa’s viral video, “Be The One,” we’ve been tracking her moves for new music. A couple days ago, the rising songstress released her new track “Las Dance” where we see her neon-beaded jersey switch colors. Hit play:

“Last Dance” opens up with Lipa’s misty blaring vocals that immediately suspend you in a climbing tension. The treasure notes lie in the climactic choruses when the oooh-ing backup howl along the cascading thumps, transporting you to a dance-inducing dimension. Dua’s chest-pouring “One last daaance!” captures the now-or-never rush that we all experience during the final minutes of the club (before security kicks you out).

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Photo: Dua Lipa Instagram. Follow @dualipa. We included this pic cus…cakecakecake

The Kosovar-Albanian gal from London blends pop and rap with her orotund voice that has a pinch of scrappy tone to it. It is an eccentric euphony. Although she is barely 20, Dua Lipa already went through her struggling-artist phase during her teenage years, holding random jobs at restaurants and clubs to pay the bills. Through SoundCloud serendipity, she caught Lana Del Rey’s managers’ ears and started producing her debut album for two years. While Lipa finished recording “Last Dance” in October 2014, she went on a release-abstinence for a year and a half to polish her album and videos. Lipa will be releasing her video for “Last Dance” soon. No tour dates yet.



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