Take a Trip to Paradis w/ “Toi Et Moi”

They want to make you happy.

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Photo: Paradis Instagram. Follow the duo @paradisfm

Unless you live in Chacachacare (most deserted island in the world, not as fun as it sounds), you probably ran into Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel and listened to Paradis. Like their artistic name, Parisian duo Paradis produces techno bliss and even if you don’t know French, their melody is infused with character and ritziness that your ears immediately adhere to it. They recently dropped a single “Toi Et Moi” (“You And Me”) and it’s a marriage of smooth vocal loops with mellifluous disco that optimize the placid effect of their chemistry.

Pierre and Simon (vocals) are the masterminds behind Paradis. When it comes to creativity crafting, this duo powers through long sessions of trial-and-error until they finally reach a mutual sonic satisfaction. For them, the project Paradis is a way to convey an “ideal of happiness” that blends techno, pop, and hip hop – instead of using drum-base-guitar as the gist, Paradis’s sound has its own bedrock of rhodes-drum machines-akai samplers. Hence explaining their one-of-a-kind hook.

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Photo: Paradis Instagram. The duo doesn’t take any selfies and not many headshots… Follow @paradisfm

“Toi Et Moi” is the first teaser of their upcoming debut album which will be out this year. No upcoming shows yet.