She’s A Tease Wants You to Play “Jugar Con Nosotros” w/ Them

Bilingual pun victory.

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Photo: She’s A Tease Facebook

Mexican alternative quartet, She’s A Tease, initially kept us suspended in chillwave rock with their first album back in 2010 – then, they kept us wondering for the absence of a second record. Until this year. After six longass years of keeping us in a sonic drought, they have announced the advent of their sophomore record, II, and poked us with a brand new single, “Jugar Con Nosotros” (“Playing With Us”), few days ago. Play with them:

Was it really worth six years of waiting? POS SI. “Jugar Con Nosotros” shows that She’s A Tease is an avant-garde group who is not afraid of breaking expectation boundaries and hover over other genres. If you listened to their chill hazy “Ven a Soñar” (“Come to Dream), the new single definitely abandoned the fuzz monotone for a more rhythmically seesaw melody that sounds like pop married dreamwave. No tour or album dates yet, but we’ll keep you updated!