TBT: Reliving Porter Robinson’s Game Addiction w/ “Lionhearted”

We all had a gaming phase…

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.05.46 PM

Photo: Porter Robinson Instagram. Follow @porterrobinson

At one point during your lifetime, you got sucked into virtual reality and came out (or not) with a hazy fragmented memory of what you did…unless you’re Porter Robinson. Then you come out with a refreshing 12-ballad record that resonates your sabbatical period playing video games in your folks’ house basement in Chapel Hill. The American DJ and producer departed from the fist-pumping mono-thumping EDM scene and waltzed into an electropop or gamepop trajectory with his album Worlds, released back in August 2014. Even his music video, “Lionhearted” ft. Urban Cone, depicts Robinson’s own gaming saga in real life. See if he wins or loses:

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